Press Release

CDA, DNR Seek Public Input on Draft of Natural and Working Lands Strategic Plan

The State of Colorado is seeking comment from the general public, producers and other members of land management and agricultural communities on the draft Strategic Plan for Climate-Smart Natural and Working Lands. The Strategic Plan was developed by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Department of Agriculture (CDA), Colorado State Forest Service, Colorado Natural Heritage Program, and stakeholders across the state.

Gov. Polis Announces Fishers Peak State Park to Expand Trail System with 11 New Miles for Outdoor Recreation

Today, Governor Polis, state and local officials celebrated Fishers Peak State Park’s second anniversary by expanding its modest trail system with the completion of 11 miles of new trails for hikers and mountain bikers, quadrupling the acreage accessible in the park.

Continuing to Build a Colorado for All: Governor Polis Takes Action to Expand Accessibility & Equity of Colorado’s World-Class Outdoors 

Governor Polis, joined by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Executive Director Dan Gibbs, Department of Revenue Executive Director Mark Ferrandino, state legislators, and community leaders, announced the very first recipients of the Outdoor Equity grant, which increases access to outdoor opportunities for all Coloradans and provides resources to underserved students and communities to help increase environmental learning opportunities, education, and outdoor fun.

Governor Polis Announces Wildfire Prevention and Forest Health Management Grants for Colorado Communities

This morning in Evergreen, Governor Jared Polis was joined by local and state leaders, legislators, first responders, and local forest mitigation groups today to give an update on the significant progress state, federal, and local entities have made on forest health and wildfire mitigation initiatives since the disastrous fire year of 2020.  Over the last 2 years, the Polis administration has committed around $145 million in state funds and leveraged millions in federal funds for forest health and wildfire mitigation work to protect Colorado’s communities, critical infrastructure, and watersheds from future wildfires. Lesley Dahlkemper, Jefferson County Commissioner and State Rep. Lisa Cutter joined today’s event.

Colorado Geographic Naming Board Invites Public to Submit Name Recommendations for 28 Geographic Features with Derogatory Names 

The Colorado Geographic Naming Advisory Board (CGNAB) is seeking public input to consider recommendations to replace geographic features containing the term “Squaw.” While the process is part of a nationwide federal process, the CGNAB is limiting its consideration to those locations within Colorado, and invites the public to submit recommendations. .  

DNR Announces New Grant to Boost On the Ground Wildfire Mitigation Projects

The Colorado Department of Natural Resources recently announced the release and call for applications to its Colorado Strategic Wildfire Action Program (COSWAP) Workforce Development Grant. The Grant is designed to assist local governments, Tribes, wildfire councils, non-profit organizations, public utilities and other entities to support on the ground wildfire mitigation work by conservation corps or Department of Corrections (DOC) State Wildland Inmate Fire Teams (SWIFT), and funding to support wildfire mitigation workforce training. .