Media Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Colorado Department of Natural Resources
Executive Director's Office
1313 Sherman Street, Room 718
Denver, Colorado 80203

(303) 866-3311
(800) 536-5308


DNR Colorado Open Records Act Policy

Division Media Contact Name Title Email Phone
Department of Natural Resources Chris Arend Communications Director 303-264-8615
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Megan Castle Community Relations Supervisor 303-513-2713
Colorado Parks & Wildlife Travis Duncan Public Information and Website Manager 303-866-3203 Ext: 4607
Colorado Parks & Wildlife Joseph Livingston Communication Specialist/Statewide Public Information Officer 303-291-7632
Colorado Parks & Wildlife Bridget Kochel Statewide Public Information Officer 720-219-2919
Colorado Parks & Wildlife Kara Van Hoose Northeast Region Public Information Officer 303-829-7143
Colorado Parks & Wildlife Rachel Gonzales Northwest Region Public Information Officer 970-773-8587
Colorado Parks & Wildlife John Livingston Southwest Region Public Information Officer 970-759-9590
Colorado Parks & Wildlife Bill Vogrin Southeast Region Public Information Officer 719-227-5211
Colorado State Land Board Kristin Kemp Outreach and Communications Officer 303-866-3454 Ext: 3330
Colorado Water Conservation Board Katie Weeman Marketing and Communications Director 720-670-0089
Division of Reclamation Mining Safety Chris Arend Communications Director 303-264-8615
Division of Water Resources Chris Arend Communications Director 303-264-8615