Press Release

Governor Polis Announces Jeff Davis as New Director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Governor Jared Polis announced today the hiring of Jeff Davis as the new Director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). Jeff Davis comes with 25 years of experience in wildlife management, conservation and habitat protection, most recently as Director of Conservation for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife where he has served the program in multiple capacities for the past 22 years.

Colorado Establishes Urban Landscape Water Conservation Task Force

The Colorado Department of Natural Resources and the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) announced the creation and appointment of members to a water conservation focused Urban Landscape Conservation Task Force. Over the next year, the Task Force will work to identify practical ways to advance outdoor water conservation through state policy and local initiatives, to meet the pressing challenges of urban water conservation in Colorado.

2023 Colorado Water Plan Will Inspire Action to Build Stronger Water Future

To meet Colorado’s most critical water challenges, the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) unanimously approved the finalized the 2023 Colorado Water Plan. First released in 2015, the Water Plan provides a comprehensive framework to guide collaborative action from water partners, agencies, and Coloradans. From securing supplies that provide safe drinking water to improving farm irrigation to rehabilitating streams—the 2023 Water Plan targets specific, key actions to contribute to a stronger, more water-resilient Colorado.

State of Colorado Transfers Land to Schriever Space Force Base in Support of Key National Security Missions

The State of Colorado hosted a ‘handing over’ ceremony of Patent 8583 to senior military leaders from Schriever Space Force Base. The Patent transfers title of 640 acres of land located at Schriever Space Force Base — a critical military installation in El Paso County — from the State of Colorado to the United States Department of Defense (DOD).

Four Coloradans Died in Avalanches the Last Three Weekends and the Danger Will Continue through the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center reports a string of fatal accidents and continuing dangerous avalanche conditions this upcoming holiday weekend, urging people to heed danger warnings and stop this tragic trend.

CDA, DNR Seek Public Input on Draft of Natural and Working Lands Strategic Plan

The State of Colorado is seeking comment from the general public, producers and other members of land management and agricultural communities on the draft Strategic Plan for Climate-Smart Natural and Working Lands. The Strategic Plan was developed by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Department of Agriculture (CDA), Colorado State Forest Service, Colorado Natural Heritage Program, and stakeholders across the state.

Gov. Polis Announces Fishers Peak State Park to Expand Trail System with 11 New Miles for Outdoor Recreation

Today, Governor Polis, state and local officials celebrated Fishers Peak State Park’s second anniversary by expanding its modest trail system with the completion of 11 miles of new trails for hikers and mountain bikers, quadrupling the acreage accessible in the park.

Continuing to Build a Colorado for All: Governor Polis Takes Action to Expand Accessibility & Equity of Colorado’s World-Class Outdoors 

Governor Polis, joined by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Executive Director Dan Gibbs, Department of Revenue Executive Director Mark Ferrandino, state legislators, and community leaders, announced the very first recipients of the Outdoor Equity grant, which increases access to outdoor opportunities for all Coloradans and provides resources to underserved students and communities to help increase environmental learning opportunities, education, and outdoor fun.