Stacy Coleman, Tribal Liasion


Tribal Liaison
1313 Sherman Street
Denver 80203

Prior to her current role with DNR, for the past 15 years Stacy worked for the United States Department of Justice concurrently serving as Senior Counsel, Tribal Issues Coordinator, and the Law Clerk Program Coordinator (Denver Office) for the Environmental Enforcement Section (EES). Stacy has significant experience as a civil litigator specializing in complex environmental matters and working with federal and state agencies and tribal nations on a variety of enforcement matters arising from violations of federal environmental statutes. 

As a Colorado state agency, DNR interacts with Tribes on a government-to-government basis, coordinates with the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs, and works to engage the American Indian/Alaska Native population throughout the state on issues related to natural resources. 

As DNR’s tribal liaison, and in collaboration with the Colorado Commission on Indian Affairs, Stacy will work across all DNR Divisions to support and build partnerships with Tribes and Native communities that are respectful and consistent with government-to-government relationships. This includes the facilitation of meaningful engagement and collaborative problem-solving with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe and Southern Ute Indian Tribe, as well as other Historic Tribes of Colorado, in a manner that respects tribal sovereignty, recognizes the importance of co-stewardship and cultural resources management.

Stacy holds a B.A. in Political Science and Environmental Studies with Colorado State University and completed a joint J.D./Environmental Law & Policy Program with Northeastern University School of Law and Vermont Law School.