Angela Boag, Policy Advisor, Policy Advisor, Climate Change, Forest Health and Energy


Assistant Director, Climate Change, Forest Health and Energy
1313 Sherman Street
Denver 80203

Angela serves as the Assistant Director for Climate, Forest Health and Energy for the Department of Natural Resources. Angela has diverse experience in the private, nonprofit and academic sectors as a consultant and research scientist.  At the University of Colorado Boulder, Angela evaluated the impacts of climate change on forests and grasslands, and studied how private landowners adapt forest management to climate change. For 2 years, Angela co-chaired the Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Mitigation Group for the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Angela has a Doctorate in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado-Boulder, a master’s degree in Forestry from the University of British Columbia, and a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Queen’s University in her native Canada. 

The Assistant Director for Climate, Forest Health and Energy position at the Department acts as a policy advisor to the Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, Director of the Colorado State Forest Service, and Director of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, regarding issues, legislation, and state and national policy developments concerning climate change, forest management, energy, and related natural resources that may impact Colorado.